Minisymposia Speakers Layout

Ref: Title: Organizers:
M01 Invisibility and cloaking Ting Zhou
Gunther Uhlmann
M02 Banach space regularization and conditional stability Jin Cheng
Bernd Hofmann
M03 Inverse problems in medical modelling Sergei Pereverzyev
Sivananthan Sampath
M04 Shape reconstruction in impedance tomography and inverse scattering Roland Griesmaier
Nuutti Hyvonen
M05 Sparsity enhanced solutions to inverse and ill-posed problems Simon Arridge
Marta Betcke
M06 Parameter choice for Tikhonov regularization Bangti Jin
M07 Geometric methods in inverse problems Matti Lassas
M08 Inverse obstacle scattering problems: Theory and numerical methods Yongzhi Steve Xu
Jun Zou
M09 Advances in qualitative methods in inverse scattering theory Fioralba Cakoni
Houssem Haddar
M10 Inverse problems for partial differential equations Akhtar A. Khan
Fabio Raciti
M11 Large scale computational inverse problems George Biros
Barbara Kaltenbacher
M12 Recent advances in the regularization of inverse problems Marcus Haltmeier
Akhtar A. Khan
M13 Non-smooth methods for inverse problems in biomedical imaging Kristian Bredies
Christian Clason
M14 Hybrid methods in biomedical imaging Leonid Kunyansky
M15 Inverse problems in astronomy Ronny Ramlau
Jean-Luc Starck
Andreas Neubauer
M16 Shape optimization for inverse problems Esther Klann
M17 Inverse source problems and application Abdellatif El-Badia
Tuong Ha-Duong
M18 Wave propagation and imaging in heterogeneous media Liliana Borcea
Fernando Guevara Vasquez
M19 Model reduction and applications to inverse problems Liliana Borcea
Fernando Guevara Vasquez
Alexander Mamonov
M20 Model reduction and uncertainties in diffuse tomography problems Docent Ville Kolehmainen
Aku Seppänen
M21 Recent developments of reconstruction methods for inverse medium problems Hongyu Liu
Daniel Onofrei
Kui Ren
M22 New applications of inverse scattering theory Kui Ren
M23 Asymptotical methods in imaging Mikyoung Lim
M24 Identification of distributed parameters: Stability and numerics Peijun Li
Jun Zou
M25 New developments on inverse problems and statistics Jianhua Huang
M26 Statistical perspectives on inverse problems Bani Mallick
M27 Biomechanical imaging in tissue Joyce R. McLaughlin
Gen Nakamura
M28 Inverse spectral problems Hamid Hezari
Peter Kuchment

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