Title: Inverse problems for partial differential equations
Organizer(s): Dr. Akhtar A. Khan, Rochester Institute of Technology
Dr. Fabio Raciti, University of Catania, Italy
Speakers: Luther White, University of Oklahoma
Modeling, data, validation, and inversion for a girder

Kurt M. Bryan, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Efficient computational methods for thermal imaging of small cracks in plates

Herb Kunze, University of Guelph
Using the ideas and philosophy of fractal-based analysis to solve differential equations inverse problems

Assad Oberai, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Direct computation of inverse problems of incompressible elasticity

Paul Barbone, Boston University
Improved inverse problem solutions using improved forward solvers

Ian Knowles, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Well-posedness for the inverse groundwater problem

Fabio Raciti, University of Catania, Italy
On an inverse problem related to the Lamé system

Akhtar A. Khan, Rochester Institute of Technology
Parameter identification in variational and quasi-variational inequalities
Abstract: The mini-symposium inverse problems in partial differential equations will be devoted to recent advances in the theory and the numerical techniques of parameter identification in various PDEs and variational and quasi-variational inequalities. The session will evolve around the following themes: Inverse and ill-posed problems, regularization methods, applications to elasticity imaging, groundwater modeling, signal processing, and other applications.

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