Title: Shape Optimization for Inverse Problems
Organizer(s): Esther Klann, Johannes Kepler University
Speakers: Antonio Leitao, Federal University of St. Catarina, Brazil
On new levelset type approaches for solving ill-posed problems

Benedikt Wirth, Institute for Numerical Simulation, University of Bonn
Fast Willmore flow time stepping for shape reconstruction from apparent contour

Wolfgang Ring, University of Graz
Shape of optimally harmonic vibrating strings in tempered tuning

Esther Klann, Johannes Kepler University, Austria
A Mumford-Shah like approach for limited tomography
Abstract: In shape optimization, the task is to find a surface (or some other admissible subset) that is optimal with respect to some constraints. Geometric inverse problems, i.e., inverse problems where the unknown is a geometrical object (a shape), have been investigated for the last 30 to 40 years. Standard approaches for the solution of such problems consist in parameterizing the shape and applying regularization methods directly to the parameterization. However, in recent years, many methods have been developed that employ shape optimization or shape reconstruction techniques for inverse problems. The minisymposium focusses on recent developments in this area of research.

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