Title: Wave propagation and imaging in heterogeneous media
Organizer(s): Liliana Borcea, Rice University
Fernando Guevara Vasquez, University of Utah
Speakers: Liliana Borcea, Rice University
Wave propagation in time dependent, randomly layered media

John Schotland, University of Michigan
Imaging with Quantum Fluctuations

Richard Tsai, University of Texas
Discovery of point sources in the Helmholtz equation posed in domains with unknown obstacles

Ricardo Alonso, Rice University
Statistical properties for the response matrix singular values in randomly layered media

Fioralba Cakoni, University of Delaware
The imaging of anisotropic media using electromagnetic waves

Lexing Ying, University of Texas
Sweeping Preconditioners for the Helmholtz Equation

Thomas Callaghan, Rice University
Joint Motion Estimation and Autofocus in Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging

Rami Nammour, Rice University
Approximate Multi-Parameter Inverse Scattering Using Pseudodifferential Scaling
Abstract: This minisymposium will present recent results on wave propagation in heterogeneous media modeled with random processes as well as novel approaches and fast algorithms for imaging with waves.

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