Title: Model reduction and applications to inverse problems
Organizer(s): Liliana Borcea, Rice University
Fernando Guevara Vasquez, University of Utah
Alexander Mamonov, University of Texas
Speakers: Fernando Guevara Vasquez, University of Utah
Uncertainty quantification in resistor network inversion

Vladimir Druskin, Schlumberger-Doll Research
Matrix S-fraction approach for multidimensional inverse spectral problems

Mikhail Zaslavsky, Schlumberger-Doll Research
On combining model reduction and Gauss-Newton algorithms for solution of inverse problems

Thomas Hagstrom, Southern Methodist University
Approximate Radiation Boundary Conditions for Time-Dependent Waves

Alexander Mamonov, University of Texas
Resistor Networks and Optimal Grids for Electrical Impedance Tomography with Partial Boundary Measurements

Shari Moskow, Drexel University
Optimal Grids for Anisotropic Problems

Elena Cherkaev, University of Utah
Inverse problem for the structure of composite materials

Yalchin Efendiev, Texas A&M University
Multiscale model reduction techniques for flows in heterogeneous porous media
Abstract: This minisymposium will present recent results on rational approximants, model reduction and applications to problems ranging from non-reflecting boundary conditions in wave propagation to the inverse electrical impedance tomography problem.

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