Title: Recent Developments of Reconstruction Methods for Inverse Medium Problems
Organizer(s): Hongyu Liu, University of California at Irvine
Daniel Onofrei, University of Utah
Kui Ren, University of Texas at Austin
Jun Zou, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Imaging Acoustic Obstacles by Near-Field Data

Gaik Ambartsoumian,UT Arlington
Image Reconstruction in Acoustic Reflectivity Tomography

Songming Hou, Louisiana Tech
Shape Reconstruction and Classification

Malena Espanol, GALCIT, Caltech
Multilevel, Modified Regularized Total Least Norm Approach to Signal Deblurring

Peijun Li, Purdue Univeristy
Inverse random source scattering in inhomogeneous media

Taufiquar Khan, Clemson
Sparse reconstruction in diffuse optical tomography

Junshan Lin, Michigan State University
Imaging of the surface displacement on an infinite ground plane

Mandar Kulkarni, Seismic Imager US Imaging, CGGVeritas, Houston
Multi-coefficient Dirichlet Neumann Type Elliptic Inverse Problems with Application to Reflection Seismology
Abstract: The minisymposium will present recent developments in analytical and computational reconstruction techniques for inverse medium problems (in a very broad sense) that aim at reconstructing distributed parameters from observed data.

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