Title: Asymptotical Methods in Imaging
Organizer(s): Mikyoung Lim, KAIST, Korea
Speakers: Josselin Garnier, Univ. Paris 7, France
Stability and resolution analysis for a topological-derivative-based imaging functional

Hyeondae Lee, Inha Univ., Korea
Asymptotic imaging of a small elastic anomaly using transient elastic wave

Mikyoung Lim, KAIST, Korea
Reconstruction of the shape of an inclusion from Elastic Moment Tensors

Vincent Jugnon,Ecole Polytechnique, France
Multiple target detection and reconstruction in wave sensor imaging
Abstract: Inverse problems are often formulated as optimization problems. One seeks the parameter distribution which best fits the measured data via minimization of a suitable functional that is the error between the recorded and simulated data. Asymptotic analysis is an important tool for deriving quantitative relationships between the parameter distribution and the data, and these relationships provide algorithms for obtaining the best-fit parameters stably and efficiently. In this minisymposium, we discuss asymptotic methods in various imaging problems and its application.

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