Minisymposia Abstracts

Speaker: Josselin Garnier
Univ. Paris 7, France
Title: Stability and resolution analysis for a topological-derivative-based imaging functional
Abstract: TBA

Speaker: Hyeondae Lee
Inha Univ., Korea
Title: Asymptotic imaging of a small elastic anomaly using transient elastic wave
Abstract: TBA

Speaker: Mikyoung Lim
KAIST, Korea
Title: Reconstruction of the shape of an inclusion from Elastic Moment Tensors
Abstract: TBA

Speaker: Vincent Jugnon
Ecole Polytechnique, France
Title: Multiple target detection and reconstruction in wave sensor imaging
Abstract: The detection, localization and characterization of a collection of targets embedded in a medium is an important problem in wave sensor imaging. The responses between each pair of source and receiver are collected and assembled in the form of a response matrix (Multistatic Response Matrix, MSR). When the data are corrupted by additive noise, we study the structure of the MSR using random matrix theory and we show how the targets can be efficiently detected, localized and characterized. We address both the case of point reflectors in which singular vectors have all the same form and the case of small electromagnetic inclusions in which the singular vectors may have different forms depending on their dielectric or magnetic type.

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