Title: Identification of distributed parameters: stability & numerics
Organizer(s): Peijun Li (Purdue University)
Jun Zou (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Speakers: Bernd Hofmann, Chemnitz University of Technology
New aspects of the role of smoothness in regularization for inverse and ill-posed problems

Michael Klibanov, Natee Pantong and Andrey Kuzhuget, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Imaging of land mines from experimental field measured data using a globally convergent inverse algorithm

Eric Tsz Shun Chung, Chinese University of Hong Kong
An adaptive phase space method for traveltime tomography

Ville Kolehmainen (speaker), University of Kuopio, Finland,
Antti Nissinen, University of Eastern Finland and
Jari Kaipio, University of Auckland
Compensation of Modelling Errors Due to Unknown Domain Boundary in Electrical Impedance Tomography

Kui Ren, University of Texas
Numerical analysis of inverse problems with interior data

Jianzhong Su and Yueming Liu(speaker) , University of Texas at Arlington
Experimental Implementations of a Globally Convergent numerical method for an inverse problem of diffusion tomography

FaouziTriki, Universite Joseph Fourier
Reconstruction of a refractive index from Surface Plasmon Resonances data

Peijun Li, Purdue University
Computational inverse source and diffusivity problems for the Helium production-diffusion equation
Abstract: This mini-symposium provides a mini-platform for some active researchers to exchange their recent achievements in the identification of distributed parameters. The topics will cover general regularization and stability theory, efficient numerical methods and analysis, modeling errors, and numerical identifications in traveltime tomography and electrical impedance tomography, diffusion tomography as well as source and diffusivity problems.

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