Minisymposia Abstracts

Speaker: Bernd Hofmann
Chemnitz University of Technology
Title: New aspects of the role of smoothness in regularization for inverse and ill-posed problems
Abstract: TBA

Speaker: Michael Klibanov, Natee Pantong and Andrey Kuzhuget
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Title: Imaging of land mines from experimental field measured data using a globally convergent inverse algorithm
Abstract: TBA

Speaker: Eric Tsz Shun Chung
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Title: An adaptive phase space method for traveltime tomography
Abstract: TBA

Speaker: Ville Kolehmainen
University of Kuopio, Finland
Title: Compensation of Modelling Errors Due to Unknown Domain Boundary in Electrical Impedance Tomography
Abstract: TBA

Speaker: Kui Ren
University of Texas
Title: Numerical analysis of inverse problems with interior data
Abstract: TBA

Speaker: Jianzhong Su and Yueming Liu
University of Texas at Arlington
Title: Experimental Implementations of a Globally Convergent numerical method for an inverse problem of diffusion tomography
Abstract: TBA

Speaker: FaouziTriki
Universite Joseph Fourier
Title: Reconstruction of a refractive index from Surface Plasmon Resonances data
Abstract: TBA

Speaker: Peijun Li
Purdue University
Title: Computational inverse source and diffusivity problems for the Helium production-diffusion equation
Abstract: TBA

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