Pre-conference Workshop

There will be a workshop on the Saturday and Sunday prior to AIP2011 (May 21 and 22) with tutorial sessions on 5 topics. The lectures will be given by prominent members of the research inverse problems community who have an acknowledged flair for both presentation and pedagogy in the discipline.

Chuck Groetsch    Citadel Regularization Techniques, Part I Part II
Rainer Kress Universität Göttingen    Inverse Obstacle Scattering
Peter Kuchment Texas A&M University Tomographic Methods in Imaging
Matti Lassas University of Helsinki Geometrical Methods for Inverse Problems
Jianhua Huang Texas A&M University Regularization Methods in Statistics

While primarily intended for graduate students and junior faculty who may not have encountered some of these topics, the mathematical breadth of the AIP meeting itself means that many participants may also gain benefit from attendance at some of the lectures.

Registration is requested. This is primarily in order to have information to allocate such funding but also so we can place these lectures in the correct size room. As in AIP2011 itself, there is no registration fee.


  • The workshop schedule is here.
  • The titles in the above table point to the presentation transparencies.


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