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Texas A&M University

Geometry Seminar

The seminar meets Mondays at 3 o'clock and Fridays at 4 o'clock, in BLOC 628. Talks are 50-60 minutes. Visitor Information. How to Give a Good Colloquium by John E. McCarthy.

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LocationSpeaker Title click for abstract
iCal 02/16
BLOC 302 Julia Lindberg
University of Texas
On the typical and atypical solution to the Kuramoto equations
iCal 02/19
BLOC 302 Frank Sottile
Texas A&M University
Welschinger signs and the Wronski map
iCal 02/26
BLOC 302 Stefano Marini
University of Parma
On finitely Levi nondegenerate closed homogeneous CR manifolds
iCal 03/08
BLOC 302 T. Mandziuk
Border varieties of sums of powers
iCal 03/22
BLOC 302 Paulina Hoyos Restrepo
UT Austin
Manifold Learning in the Presence of Symmetries
iCal 04/05
TBA Texas Algebraic Geometry Symposium (TAGS)
iCal 04/06
TBA Texas Algebraic Geometry Symposium (TAGS)
iCal 04/12
BLOC 302 Brandon Ashley
Southern Oregon University
A Group-Theoretic Approach to Darboux Integrable $f$-Gordon Equations
iCal 04/15
BLOC 302 R. Ramkumar
Cartwright-Sturmfels ideals and their moduli
iCal 04/19
BLOC 302 Alex Cohen
An optimal inverse theorem for the rank of tensors
iCal 04/26
BLOC 302 Karthik Ganapathy
U. Michigan
iCal 04/29
BLOC 302 Akash Sengupta
U. Waterloo
iCal 05/03
BLOC 302 Ronan Conlon
UT Dallas
A family of Kahler flying wing steady Ricci solitons
iCal 05/06
BLOC 302 F. Gesmundo
U. Toulouse