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Texas A&M University

Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

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iCal 01/23
BLOC 302 Yiran Hu
University of Texas at Austin
Global in time solutions to a family of 3D Quasi-Geostrophic Systems
iCal 02/27
BLOC 302 Claude Bardos
Laboratoire J.-L.Lions
About large medium and shortime behavior of solutions of the collision of the Vlasov equation
iCal 02/27
BLOC 302 Matthias Hieber
Technische Universität Darmstadt
Analysis of Nematic Liquid Crystal Flows: The Ericksen-Leslie and the Q-Tensor Model
iCal 03/19
BLOC 302 Marita Thomas
Freie Universitaet - Berlin
Analysis of a model for visco-elastoplastic two-phase flows in geodynamics
iCal 03/22
BLOC 302 Daniel Boutros
University of Cambridge
On energy conservation for inviscid hydrodynamic equations: analogues of Onsager's conjecture
iCal 03/26
BLOC 302 Dehua Wang
University of Pittsburgh
Hyperbolic and mixed-type problems in gas dynamics and geometry
iCal 04/09
BLOC 302 Yeyu Zhang
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Coupled Nonlinear Evolution and Inverse Energy Transfer in Moist Boussinesq Dynamics
iCal 04/09
BLOC 302 Ricardo Alonso
Texas A&M University - Qatar
An energy method for the Boltzmann equation: Higher integrability and boundedness of solutions
iCal 04/16
BLOC 302  Angeliki Menegaki 
Imperial College London
Non-equilibrium Steady States in a BGK Model for Dilute Gases
iCal 04/16
BLOC 302 Aseel Farhat
Florida State University
Impact of Rotation on the Regularity and Behavior of Navier-Stokes Solutions
iCal 04/30
BLOC 302 Slim  Ibrahim
Univeristy of Victoria
iCal 04/30
BLOC 302 Quyuan Lin
Clemson University
On the three-dimensional Nernst-Planck-Boussinesq system