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Texas A&M University

Number Theory Seminar


Riad MasriMatt PapanikolasShuhui ShiMatt Young

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iCal 02/27
BLOC 302 Sumit Kumar
Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics
Hybrid level aspect subconvexity for L-functions
iCal 03/05
BLOC 302 Huimin Zhang
Shandong University
Hybrid subconvexity bounds for twists of GL_2 × GL_2 L-functions
iCal 03/26
BLOC 302 Radu Toma
University of Bonn
The sup-norm problem for newforms in higher rank
iCal 04/09
BLOC 302 Zhining Wei
Brown University
Effective Open Image Theorem for pairs of elliptic curves
iCal 04/16
BLOC 302 Eun Hye Lee
Texas Christian University
Subconvexity of Shintani Zeta Functions
iCal 04/23
BLOC 302 Shifan Zhao
The Ohio State University
Low-lying zeros of L-functions attached to Siegel modular forms
iCal 04/30
BLOC 302 Junxian Li
University of California, Davis